Defying Gravity


Taken at Busselton Jetty Western Australia


Somebody jumping off of Busselton Jetty WA

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Childhood Revisited

Childhood Revisited

Baby Photo Andrew

6 Months old

No I don’t remember this period of my childhood!

I do remember a lot from my childhood, some scattered memories here and there. The one that sticks in my mind the most is this one –

My parents always encouraged us to read and learn, at an early age we had a set of encyclopaedias that had many black and white pictures in them. I learnt about the Titanic and many other things from these books. I think I was around 3 or 4 when I first encountered them. One article was about New Guinea Highland headhunter tribes. The accompanying picture showed these headhunters in their full terrifying costumes. Around the time we lived in a semi-detached house in Bradford, UK. We also had a rocking chair. One night I had a very vivid nightmare, that I can still remember 47 years later. I dreamt the headhunters were coming down from our attic riding our rocking horse.

It isn’t a good memory, though it doesn’t scare me now, it did leave an impression on me. Maybe that was the start of me being afraid of the dark, right up until my mid twenties.

I am in the process of writing my memoir which will reflect on the first 50 years of my life. This will be on my writing site George Patrick Edgeworth. Look out for it in the near future.

Our childhood, the memories, experiences and events are what has shaped us to the person we are now. All the good, all the bad and all the experiences. Don’t dwell on them, throw away the bad ones, learn from the lessons and understand the impact they have on you and make changes for the better. Live, love, forgive, and most importantly be happy.

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Tuesday 29th December 2015 

Fearless Fantasies

For the daily challenge we are being asked to contemplate life without fear. Boy where do I start.

I was very timid as a child and never really stood up for myself until my mid-teens, even as an adult it was not until my 30’s when I started standing up for myself. So if I was fearless from day one I am sure things would have been totally different. I would have done things and taken chances on things that my timid nature would not have permitted. Maybe they would have all turned out bad anyway. Maybe the little bumps and scrapes I did encounter would not have been so little.

I know that if I had been fearless when I was 16 I would have probably been accepted into the School of Hotel Management and Catering and not rejected for being too immature or timid. That would have lead to a completely different path than the one that life took me on to here.

So as I contemplate the possibilities of being fearless and living out that fantasy I find it difficult to look so far back. It is difficult to decide what things you may or may not have done back then with a fearless attitude. All I know is life would have been totally different to the one I have lived and it would mean that I would never have met the love of my life. So I am glad I wasn’t and am not fearless.

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The photo challenge for 22 December 2015 is Now. This is a representation of now. I try and live in the now, not the past, not the future, but now. Though the balance is to live in the now with an eye on the future and mindful of where you came from.


This picture is taken from our balcony onboard the Dawn Princess as we arrive in Sydney, it is the early morning. The ferry passing by the Opera House travels that way daily. Though, this precise moment will never happen again. The passengers and crew may be different the following day and they may all be wearing different clothes. All will have lived one day longer and had additional experiences to add to their lives. So this NOW is a once only. Make the most of it.

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