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Stuck in my Head – Earworm

Wednesday 30th December 2015 (Well it is in Perth Western Australia even though the daily prompt is for 29th December).

Pottering around looking for jobs, reading posts on WordPress, making breakfast and playing scrabble with my darling. I just can’t get Heart on My Sleeve out of my head. This song is by Michael Johns – a former American Idol contestant who sadly passed away on August 1 2014. He was born in Perth, where I grew up and now live.

This song has so much passion and it has so much meaning. I choke up every time I hear it. I hope I haven’t given you an earworm! As long as it isn’t Achy Breaky Heart, Barbie Girl, Who Let the Dogs Out, Macarena and other ‘classics’…

Michael Johns – Heart on My Sleeve

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Young at Heart

Young At Heart

The daily challenge for December 27 2015, isĀ ‘Young at Heart’. This is what I aspire to do always, I may have just passed 50, but I want to always stay young in my outlook. I don’t want to ever be the guy that says “Back when we were young…” I try and keep up with technology and be up with the modern trends in music and popular culture. The music and popular culture are very hard to keep up with and enjoy, I find most tv shows are the same show in a different guise, most music today is heavily manufactured and insubstantial. So staying young at heart may not include being up with things that hold no interest to us, but we do need to be in the now and not living in a time when things were different. If we had the ability to travel back to that time we would more than likely find that now is much better than it was then, even though it may not seem like it. Stay young by being healthy, happy and content in what you have and where you are.


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